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Ihr Hersteller und Lieferant für Aluminium Kransysteme im Baukastenprinzip.


Eepos Product components

The smart eepos design, the compatibility within the product range and the practical equipment are the basis for minimal investment and operation costs. Further the easy assembly has a positive effect on the total costs.

Manufacture and materials

The eepos aluminium profiles are manufactured by extrusion pressing. The material used is an EN AW 6063 T66 aluminium alloy. The colour is aluminium, anodized in its natural colour. The accessories are made largely of galvanized steel (suspension points, profile connectors, bolts, etc.). Some accessories are made of reinforced, high-performance plastics.


The design of our profiles, regarding the regulation of the tolerances, is based on DIN EN 755-5.

The standards DIN 4132 (Crane Runways), the DIN 15018 (Cranes) and the DIN 18800, Part 1 (Steel Structures; Design and Construction) form the main basis for the construction of the eepos crane system construction kit.

The accident prevention regulations (APR‘s) must be adhered, from the planning stage up to operating the crane system construction kit.

If dimensioning and installation are carried out an accordance with eepos specifications, the systems conform with the technical regulations and the laws governing technical equipment as well as the APR‘s, DIN, VDE regulations and the Machine Directive 98/37/EC. Manufacturer‘s declarations and data sheets are supplied with the eepos crane system construction kit.

Manufacturer‘s declarations and data sheets are supplied with the eepos crane system construction kit. In addition to the above mentioned regulations, numerous VDI directives are taken into consideration for construction. The eepos aluminium crane system successfully underwent inspection by the Employer‘s Liability Insurance Association on 03.05.2007.

In order to use eepos products for their intended purpose, it is imperative that the safety instructions are taken into consideration.

Explosion safety

In areas where fine dust is processed, varnish applied or other products are processed which are explosive, an eepos crane system may likewise be used. Modifications to a few system components allow the systems to be used up to explosion protection category II. Please consult one of our staff members for your design principles.


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